Leah at the massage table in her office
Leah Jefferds Marx • Licensed Massage Therapist
Leah has created a space of peace and calm where her focus is to help each client feel nurtured. Whether you come for relaxation, stress reduction, treatment of an injury, pain release, or increased circulation, you will gain an sense of overall well-being.

Everything in Leah's office has been carefully chosen to create a serene atmosphere, from the tasteful art on the walls to the fresh flowers on the desk. Soft background music is varied according to your own preference.

Throughout your experience, you will be aware of her intuitive presence as a good listener—you can simply relax and put yourself in her strong, capable hands.

Leah is licensed to provide the techniques listed on the right; however, after 30 years of experience, she is able to adapt and combine techniques to meet your individual needs. During your massage, Leah will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable; for example, if you don't feel good lying on your stomach, she will work with you lying on your side.

The benefits of massage are many and well-known. Doctors recommend Leah Marx for patients who need special attention for medical reasons, while undergoing cancer treatment, or recovering from surgery.

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Call 360-223-7317 for an appointment or for details regarding insurance coverage.